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Nova Energy has transformed the world, but a new enemy is threatening it. Collect heroes, build teams, and progress even when you're away in this idle RPG.

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Unleashing the potential of humanity, Nova Energy transformed their world. Suddenly, an unfamiliar threat stands to seize this precious resource, ignorant of the power they are up against!

With Nova Legends, progress even while you're busy with other tasks. This idle RPG adapts to your schedule, working around your life's demands.

Enjoy incessant progress as your heroes continue their adventures, earning rewards and experiences even when you're not there. Be confident that you don't miss out on any fun!

Dive into a vibrant futuristic world that offers over 70 heroes in 6 factions. Each hero is equipped with an out-of-this-world ability, a distinct personality, and fascinating backstory. Discover them all and build your superpowered team to triumph against your enemies.

Battle your way to victory, powering up your heroes along the way. Sun Tzu once suggested: "Know your enemy. Learn their weaknesses. Then build a team of futuristic superheroes to kick their butts." The same concept applies here.

Explore the bright, fascinating future that ensues as you play the game. This world expanded upon the discovery of Nova Energy, rising up to achieve new heights, but not without conflict.

Engage in your preferred game mode, be it arcade, daily boss, gauntlet, or tower battles. Endless fun and great rewards await you at every turn.

Nova Legends is free to download and play, but you can make in-game purchases with actual money. Turn off this feature through your device settings if you would prefer to opt-out. Visit the official website and get more information on the support, privacy policy, and terms of use for the game.
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