Note Rush: Learn to Read Music

Note Rush: Learn to Read Music

Thomas Grayston
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Game overview

Note Rush is a game that helps develop note-reading skills by listening using the device's microphone to identify if the right note is being played. It has various themes, levels, and grand staff contexts, making it suitable for all music enthusiasts.

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Experience an innovative and interactive way of learning to play an instrument with Note Rush - a stimulating game that effectively enhances your note-reading skills. Whether you're playing the piano, keyboard, violin, saxophone, flute or any other instrument, Note Rush offers you an entertaining way to exercise your knowledge of note-reading on a music staff. Unlike traditional note-reading flashcards, this game utilizes a microphone to listen to each note you play to ensure that you're playing the correct note.

Note Rush offers a variety of entertaining themes in which you can compete to earn stars and improve your best time, making this an exceptional way to make learning fun. This app is beneficial in teaching keyboard geography by ensuring that each note is played in the appropriate octave so that you can master music theory at any level of music education.

Customer reviews have shown that Note Rush is an excellent app that fosters musical learning. Parents have indicated that the app is more interesting than flashcards and that their child's note-reading skills have significantly improved since beginning with the app. Teachers have also used the app as an effective teaching aid in group lessons. Moreover, Note Rush is customizable and offers 15 built-in levels from Middle C-Position to the full grand staff complete with ledger lines, and you can even make your own levels based on your specific needs.

With Note Rush, students can learn to associate the notes on the page with the keys on their instrument through the microphone on their device. This feature allows the app to recognize every note played, making it suitable for a wide range of instruments, including flutes, pianos, violins, and keyboards. The app is suitable for complete beginners and even teachers, offering a student-paced program that provides a fun challenge for all.

Unlike flashcards that require a parent's assistance to verify the answers, Note Rush is an independent application that checks the user's answers, eliminating the need for extensive supervision. This feature encourages students to practice their note identification at home, encouraging them to chase high scores and gain stars. With regular play, Note Rush lets you read piano music with ease and accuracy in no time.

Note Rush is the perfect music theory tool that goes beyond traditional teaching methods. Designed by a software developer, pianist, and husband to a piano teacher, Note Rush has become a top-favorite app for learning sight-reading skills. If you're looking for an engaging app that makes music education fun and interactive, then Note Rush is the ideal app for you.
Thomas Grayston
Release date
Jun 17, 2016

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