Noa Uchu Sanki

Noa Uchu Sanki

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Game overview

Gather a fleet of over 100 cute anime girl captains, level them up, and explore space while uncovering the truth behind an alien invasion.

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In this game, players will uncover the truth behind an invasion of Earth while meeting many alien commanders and becoming entangled in various events.

Highlighted game features include the ability to collect a diverse range of beautiful girl commanders and develop a custom fleet. Daily exploration updates allow players to have powerful allies at their side. The game also features a space war based on historical events, offering players a chance to lead their own army to victory with easy, strategic gameplay.

With over a hundred girl commanders to collect, players can create their own unique fleet by leveling up, upgrading, and reinforcing their vessels. The commanders themselves can also be promoted to unlock combat skills that players can use to gain an edge in battle.

The game also features daily exploration updates, where players can search for keys to unlock special points. By clearing hidden events, players can receive valuable rewards.

Skill sets in the game are based on real-world events for added authenticity, allowing players to choose which of the three major factions to join in their quest for universal domination. With a straightforward interface, players can easily combine their ships' weaponry and unique abilities while adjusting their tactics to achieve victory over enemy fleets.
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