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No Way To Die - survive in a ruthless post-apocalyptic world, evade dangerous mutated symbiotes, and protect your bunker from raging hordes of zombies.

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No Way To Die is a thrilling offline survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world. The game takes you on a journey where you have to explore different locations that are home to a variety of mutated and dangerous creatures. To stay alive, you’ll need to gather resources and food while crafting weapons to protect yourself from the zombie hordes and other enemies that swarm the area.

You play as a character that wakes up inside a secret bunker several years after an asteroid collision with Earth. In exchange for giving a chance to save their family from the catastrophe, the character has been granted the ability to regenerate – upon death, they are reborn as a clone with the same memories of the prior body. The bunker’s AI has sent you to the surface to evaluate the situation and eliminate any potential threats.

The game has dynamic action sequences with an array of zombie enemies that you’ll fight. You’ll need to be stealthy to avoid drawing attention while making kills. With a range of weapons available, from clubs to AK-47s, you can equip yourself for challenges along the way. You can also defend your bunker by building strong walls or sneaky traps to keep intruders out.

To survive in this game, you must search for food and water. You can collect berries and mushrooms in the forest or hunt live game. You can also collect resources from different locations to stay alive. You’ll need an axe to chop down trees and a pickaxe to mine clay and ore in the forest. You might stumble upon abandoned cars and chests that could have useful items.

Crafting is key to winning this game. You can craft weapons, armor, and other equipment in the field or set up crafting stations in your bunker to process resources from battle. The game features procedural-generated locations with nice low poly graphics.

Your bunker is surrounded by walls of varying strengths so you can protect it from enemies. You can repair and reinforce these walls, install crafting stations or chests to store your items and survive night time attacks. You’ll have to fend off hordes of zombie symbiotes that crave one thing – to break into your bunker and destroy it. You can level up to strengthen your hero and unlock better gear.

The game also allows you to uncover secrets that reveal information about the world. New locations become available as your level increases. No Way To Die is a free-to-play survival game with in-game purchases available. It offers an immersive gameplay experience, with daily prizes and a number of exclusive features added, including an adaptive user tutorial, more enemy varieties, elite weapons, and improved animation and assets.
Malpa Games
Release date
Jun 30, 2021



I like this game open world and we can play offline & online

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