Ninja Ranger: Shinobi Arashi Superhero's Gaiden

Ninja Ranger: Shinobi Arashi Superhero's Gaiden

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Game overview

Ninja Ranger is a retro-style 2D platform action game where you play as legendary shadow ninja, Ray, and fight against evil enemies using various weapons and ninjutsu sub-weapons.

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Get ready to travel back to the 8-bit pixel game era with Ninja Ranger, featuring an impressive and realistic pixelated style. You'll experience classic 2D platform action gameplay, enabling you to become Ray, the legendary shadow ninja who fights against evil enemies to save the world. The game's refreshing impact will surely make you enjoy it, especially if you're a fan of action-packed games. Here's what you can expect when playing Ninja Ranger:

1. Gameplay: Ninja Ranger offers classic 2D platform action gameplay, allowing the player to walk, jump, climb, and attack the enemy on various platforms when playing as a ninja superhero. You'll not only act as an assassin, but also as a kung fu master.

2. Weapon system: The game offers a vast range of weapons, including main weapons like the samurai sword, chain sickle, hook claw, and ninjutsu sub-weapons like shuriken, wind blade, fire blade, and amulet fire.

3. Level system: Ninja Ranger introduces nine unique levels, each of which features different terrain options, enemies, and a challenging boss fight at the end. Throughout the game, you’ll visit various battle scenes including city, factory, desert, jungle, castle, alien brood, and warship. You'll encounter over 50 miscellaneous soldiers such as zombies, aliens, soldiers, ninjas, monsters, robots, and warriors.

4. Upgrade system: In addition to unlocking the game's various weapons, you can also upgrade the shadow ninja's blood and energy slot via upgrade scrolls found in each level.

5. Ninja Evaluation system: Each level challenge provides different levels of ninja evaluation based on the time taken, number of kills, and number of injuries. The Ninja evaluation offers different gold coin rewards, which is classified into three levels of master ninja, mid ninja, and lesser ninja.

6. Storyline: Ninja Ranger features a retro 2D scroll story CG presented in a classic 8-bit pixel style. Make sure to take the time to enjoy it!

7. Weapon Store: Every weapon and ninjutsu can be purchased in the store using gold coins that are obtainable in the game. Additionally, you can suspend the game at any time during battle to switch weapons and ninjutsu in the weapon store.

8. Art style: Ninja Ranger showcases a retro realistic pixelated style with every character, object, and background drawn by pixels. This provides a unique styling to the game with its independent games look.

In summary, Ninja Ranger is a challenging action game that's perfect for 2D platform action enthusiasts. Ensure that you understand the weapons and sub-weapons characteristics to master each level and bag the master ninja title. Discover the distinct features of the samurai sword, chain sickle, hook claw, shuriken, boomerang, wind blade, fire blade, and amulet fire to become a real master ninja. With time, you’ll soon progress from the ninja trial and enjoy the game as a parkour killing game!
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