Ninja Knight

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Challenge yourself with Ninja Knight, an action-packed platform game featuring 3 worlds, boss fights, multiplayer mode, and character customization.

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Are you someone who doesn't find easy games interesting? If yes, Ninja Knight is the game for you! This game promises you a marvelous expedition filled with action and challenges that will take you to the next level.

The game comprises of three distinct worlds, each of which you need to conquer to emerge as a winner. You will come across different terrains and unique traps during every stage. Each stage will get progressively harder, and you will encounter more diverse and powerful enemies with each stage. You will be rewarded with the satisfaction of a perfect hit whenever you hit your enemies successfully. The bosses of each world have unique and robust patterns, and you will need to defeat them to claim your reward.

Apart from this, the game offers you the option to personalize and develop your characters using coins that you have collected. You can purchase powerful weapons and item sets with these coins. Better swords provide you with enhanced skills, while better armor increases your defense resistances. You can also rescue the hidden ladies to add more excitement to your gameplay.

The game offers multiplayer sessions where you can play Death Match 1vs1. You can also enjoy 30 handcrafted adventure levels, 3 End Of World Bosses, and over 30 diverse enemies such as zombies, knights, and flying creatures. The game has 150 unique items that will help you improve your skills, 22 Game Center achievements, and an Awesome Leaderboard. You can also save your game data on Google's cloud service.

Lastly, the original soundtracks used in the game are excellent and add to the overall gaming experience. These soundtracks are available on the game developer's SoundCloud account.

Get ready for the ultimate thrill and adventure with Ninja Knight - the game that challenges and excites you at every step!
Kumi Souls Games
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