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Nine Realms: Revolt

Nine Realms: Revolt

Game overview

Deckbuild and conquer in Nine Realms Revolt. Fight through 50 unique scenarios, recruit allies, and topple Revna's reign in 3-lane battles.

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Immerse yourself in an epic Deckbuilding Adventure and save the Nine Realms from destruction. After Ragnarok, the old gods have gone, and Revna the fire giant has seized control of Asgard, leaving survivors struggling to rebuild their worlds. But fear not, you play as Fjolnir, a young light elf, and your mission is to unite the realms to stop Revna's reign of terror. Embark on a journey to the hellscape of musphelheim, wander the forests of Vanaheim, explore the now flooded midgard, and escape the crumbling Hellheim to topple Revna off his newfound throne in Asgard.

The campaign features 50 scenarios, each with its own story, dialogue, and unique enemy with a deck to fight. Along the way, you get to unlock 135+ cards with each faction as you journey through their realm. Save your custom decks for use at any point, enabling you to adjust your strategy for each opponent you face.

Nine Realms Revolt applies a hybrid of old school card games like MTG and dice mechanics, making it stand out from other deckbuilding games. Use three of the five factions to create a deck of at least 40 cards. Gameplay is divided over three lanes, each with its own units, banners, traps, and die. To win, you must destroy your opponent's three banners while protecting your own. You must choose when to commit your units to an attack while also making sure you can defend your own banners.

The game features five different factions, each with its spells, units, and legendary cards. Combine up to three factions to make your deck and take on your opponents with strategy and wits. Play units to defend your banners, which can only be attacked or defended in their respective lanes. Strategically use spells and traps to swing the battle to your favor, and unleash game-ending legendaries, whose powers will make you think about how to develop your deck around them.

If you're up for a challenge, dive into the Draft Mode. Draft a deck of 40 cards by choosing one of three cards. Then, embark on a journey to win six battles in a row. Losing at any point could end your run, so play strategically and wisely.

In summary, Nine Realms Revolt is an exciting and unique deckbuilding game that blends old and new school card games while incorporating dice mechanics. With its engaging campaign mode, a plethora of cards to unlock, and customizable decks, players will never get bored. Play your cards right, unite the realms, and save the Nine Realms from destruction!
One Up Plus
Release date
Nov 19, 2023
Single player

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