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Game overview

Nilia: turn-based Roguelike game with up to 4 characters, 50 spells, gem collection, world randomization, and equipment for strategic dungeon-crawling.

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Nilia is an exciting turn-based Roguelike game where you can control up to four characters simultaneously. Each character comes with its own set of exceptional abilities and skills like health, strength, attack and stamina. You also have access to spells that can hit enemies directly or affect an entire area, or even cast on yourself. These spells can help you defeat the over 20 different enemies with unique skills and abilities that you will encounter throughout the game.

On your way, collect gems of different colors, each representing specific traits that can be added to your character. Combinations of gems can help you learn or level up spells, making you more powerful. You can use a variety of combinations to develop your character, which will assist you in defeating bosses like Fire Demons, for instance.

There are many worlds to explore in Nilia, each with diverse maps, obstacles, monsters, and traps that pose a challenge to complete each mission successfully. The maps are randomly generated for replayability so the objects and enemies will not always be in the same positions. All of these impediments will test your adaptability, strategy, and strength.

Besides relying on your character's unique abilities, you will also have access to various equipment like weapons, armor, potions, magic stones, and scrolls that can mimic spell effects. Regrettably, success in Nilia is not always guaranteed, and you will undoubtedly fail at first. Only the most experienced and skilled adventurers can conquer the final fortress. Are you ready to take on this challenging adventure?
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