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Nexus Code Plus

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Game overview

A BL novel game featuring secret organization's assigned buddies investigating cases with fixed coupling, newly updated.

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Get ready to experience a revamped version of BL novel game that involves coupling among handsome boys from a secret organization!

The story takes place in a special investigation team that operates in secrecy. This team is categorized into two groups, one is a legitimately passed group called "Regular Group" and the other is the "Emerging Group" with a criminal record. They form duos called "Buddies" and investigate non-public cases.

Two "Buddies", Chaika and Natsume, who both have secrets from their upbringing, and Katsura and Zakuro, who lost their former buddy and are now teaming up as the new duo. They are joined by new buddies assigned to the team. Each duo is involved in their unique case, but what is the truth behind it all?

The romantic storylines between the pairings are fixed in this game. Let's get to know these couples below!

"Seducer x Ex-Scammer" Chaika x "Innocent x Impetuous" Natsume

Chaika can't leave the dangerous Natsume alone, so he takes care of him. What kind of incidents will this strongest dog and monkey combo get involved in?

"Muscles x Calm" Katsura x "Tsundere x Ex-Hacker" Zakuro

Zakuro, a beautiful and tsundere former hacker, is connected to Katsura's past. What happened between them?

"Kind x Older Brother" Hiiragi x "Pure x Airhead" Kikyou

Kikyou, who looks innocent but doesn't act that way, and Hiiragi, who supports their team, regardless he looks easy going. What kind of relationship did the two have before forming the "CROW" team?

There are also unique buddies who appear throughout the game. Get ready to experience these exciting romances!

"NECUSA CODE Plus" is a BL novel game where you progress by consuming scenario tickets. Basic play is free, and five story tickets are distributed free of charge every day. The relationship with the character will evolve dependi
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