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Netflix Stories: Love Is Blind

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Join the cast of "Love Is Blind" and find your true love in this interactive story game based on the hit Netflix series, featuring customizable characters and dramatic twists.

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Exclusively for Netflix members, the newest season of the beloved hit series "Love Is Blind" has arrived, and it's time for you to experience the thrills of finding love and navigating drama in the pods. In this interactive story game based on the popular reality TV show, players can customize their avatars, choose their own adventure, and explore the question of whether love truly is blind.

As the newest contestant on "Love Is Blind," you'll have the opportunity to partake in the social experiment firsthand, dating a variety of potential love interests as you search for your soulmate. Every choice you make in this game leads to a different path, so you can determine the course of your character's journey towards love and romance. Will you choose to meet as many people as possible, or will you prioritize building deep connections and fostering more meaningful relationships?

In the style of the show that inspired it, this interactive game is chock full of romance, relationships, and drama. Like the program, your character's journey will be full of twists and turns as they navigate the highs and lows of the dating world. You can choose to be a matchmaker, helping other characters find love, or become a troublemaker and sabotage relationships in the pursuit of true love. Whatever path you choose, your decisions will have a significant impact on the other contestants, and you'll be able to watch the drama unfold as you progress through the game.

Designed by Boss Fight, a Netflix Game Studio, "Love Is Blind: The Interactive Game" is just one of many interactive story games available on Netflix Stories, allowing viewers to step into the worlds of their favorite shows and movies and experience them in a whole new way. With endless possibilities for customization, character design, and adventure, the world of Netflix Stories is one of endless romance, friendship, and drama, waiting for you to explore.
Netflix, Inc.
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Sep 19, 2023
Single player

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