Nerd's Guide to Surviving High School

Nerd's Guide to Surviving High School

Genius Studio Japan Inc.
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Join the Fixers Club to win the hearts of three conflicting girls, all while solving the mystery of your past and the blood-covered ropes.

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Are you ready for a touching high school romantic comedy with a thrilling twist? In the game Fixers Club, you play the role of a self-proclaimed loner who is forced to join a school club, where you must interact with people daily. The Fixers Club is a close-knit group of dynamic and contrasting personalities, including Nazuna, the Enigmatic President, Misa, the Introverted Tsundere, and Rinko, the Spirited Rich Girl. Your challenge is to become friends with these girls and perhaps even capture their hearts.

But what makes Fixers Club truly unique is that there's more to this game than just romance. You must also discover the truth behind your mysterious past while outrunning destiny. And then there's the blood-covered ropes looming in the background, adding an element of danger to the game.

Nazuna, the enigmatic president of the Fixers Club, is a natural-born leader with a dynamic attitude. She may have a secretive side, but she's the ideal club leader. Can you promise her a lifetime of happiness, or will you leave her hanging?

Misa, the introverted Tsundere, wants to improve her social skills and become more approachable. But she keeps her distance when it comes to you. Will you be able to change her mind, or will you suffer from a broken heart?

Finally, Rinko, the spirited rich girl, knows how to grab your attention with her sweet and outgoing personality. However, she also has a devilish and seductive side that may not be immediately apparent. Will you accept her once her dark side is revealed? Only one way to find out.

Overall, Fixers Club is an exciting and heartwarming game that will challenge you to befriend and win over these three contrasting personalities while uncovering the mysteries of your past. Will you succeed in steering yourself along the path of love, or will fate have other plans?
Genius Studio Japan Inc.
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