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Neon Beats - a 2D platformer with rhythm-based levels, neon lights, and challenging obstacles. Beat your best scores and dodge the music!

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Welcome to Neon Beats, the ultimate 2D platformer game that boasts rhythm-based challenges that'll keep your pulse racing. In this abstract world adventure, you play as a cube that moves along a white line with vibrant neon lights illuminating your path to greatness.

Immerse yourself in the game's ambiance with its relaxing and captivating music that syncs perfectly with each level. From your easy first jump to defying death and danger, this game gives you a chance to test your skill and nerve.

As you advance through the levels, the challenges become harder and faster to the beat of the music. Get lost in a thrilling adrenaline-fueled music drop triggered by your super landing as a deadly wall begins to pursue you.

You can only survive if you run fast, but a sudden boost rapidly increases your speed as you race towards the finish line. Be wary of the sharp spikes, bumps, and jumps that can end your run in a painful death.

Think you have the perfect run? Think again. Falling to the boosting spikes means starting over, but the obsession with setting records and beating your personal best will keep your finger glued to the restart button.

Neon Beats is a feast of thrilling gameplay. Enjoy nine different levels decorated with simple yet elegant neon ambiance that keeps the game looking visually stunning. The rhythm-based challenges have simple and responsive controls that ensure you don't miss a single beat.

Moreover, the game's unique soundtrack complements its gameplay perfectly, adding hidden collectibles that will upgrade the soundtrack with more percussion instruments. Finally, the score system awards you points based on your time, the collectibles you possess, and the number of deaths, making this game a real challenge.

Experience the thrill of the Neon Beats game, and set high scores that will make the world pause and stare in awe!
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Gameplay & Streams

Neon Beats - All levels 100%, No DeathsJeffPlaysGames
Neon Beats Speedrun - 15:50.21 - All Music Notes + A Beat FurtherEzra3
Neon Beats - All LevelsBenztar
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