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Summon and strategize your own nemos to dominate opponents in real-time PVP. Explore different synergies with unique races and attributes.

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The sentient squares of Square Kingdom have returned for another PVP battle. Challenge for the top spot with your own strategies!

Fight on a battlefield filled with tense moments. Summon squares to critical spots and they'll march towards the enemy castle, fighting each other along the way. The victor is the one who gains the advantage in the long-lasting battle and destroys the enemy castle.

Experiment with various strategies! Each square has its own unique attack and skill. You can choose six squares from your total collection to create a personal deck. Use fierce warriors with high HP or wipe out your enemy with devastating firepower. Don't let anything stand in the way of victory.

Engage in real-time PVP matches and see how you rank on the leaderboards. Face off against other players and observe their summoned squares closely so you can come up with a winning plan. Your rating points will fluctuate depending on whether you win or lose. Join the journey from bronze to diamond tier in the new season that starts every month. Gain special rewards and recognition as a top-ranked player.

The synergy effect of race and attribute plays a huge role in the activation of powerful abilities. Each square has a unique race and attribute, and you can activate their strength by creating a deck that takes this into account. Whether it's the explosive power of the magical tribe or the interdimensional tribe that disrupts the battlefield, there's a lot to enjoy in this game.

Challenge over 50 stages in single content mode to gain rewards. Every stage has a new unit or battle style to test your mettle. Research the best deck for each stage and overcome all the obstacles.

Join or create a guild and interact with other players. Communicate with them via chat to share info about decks and seek solutions for stages. Keep an eye out for new guild competitions that will be added in the future!
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