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Merge creatures to feed the hungry Devourer in NecroMerger. Grow your lair and unlock unique abilities to maximize resource generation.

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Have you ever felt the thrill of merging creatures while managing your resources? NecroMerger is the game that you wouldn't want to miss! As the NecroMerger, you're in charge of feeding the insatiable, always-hungry Devourer with a horde of creatures. From the piddly little grunts like skeletons, zombies, demons, banshees to massive and tasty brutes, you'll merge them using your dark magic to create more powerful creatures to feed your pet.

As you continue to grow your Devourer, your lair will expand, and you'll attract the attention of not only merchants and champions but also rivals. Some will be friendly and useful, while others will require you to fight or feed them to your ravenous pet. You'll also come across powerful abilities and spells that you can unlock as your Devourer grows larger.

Unlock new stations and equipment by completing feats like altars, graves, fridges, and even bathtubs to hold excess slime, and you'll be able to summon new, stronger, and even tastier creatures for your pet to feast upon. Manage your lair and minions effectively to maximize your resource generation and grow your Devourer at an unprecedented pace.

The game features more than 70 creatures to spawn, merge, and evolve. Each creature has unique abilities and characteristics that require resource management, damage, and delicacy to satisfy the Devourer. You'll also encounter legendary creatures with massive benefits that will propel your Devourer to even greater heights.

Expand your lair to unlock new equipment such as graves, supply cupboards, and portals. Your lair will become a hub for champions, merchants, and even thieves, so you'll need to complete feats, master spells, and brew potions to keep them all in check.

NecroMerger offers a unique system of resource management that lets you generate resources even when you're offline. This feature ensures that you can enjoy the game for months on end, merged with a fun and exciting gameplay experience.

NecroMerger is brought to you by the makers of Idle Apocalypse and Idle Mastermind, with the same humorous and inane chatter that you come to expect from a Grumpy Rhino Game. Don't let this opportunity to tame the Devourer pass you by!
Release date
Aug 30, 2022
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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