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Revive undead creatures, upgrade your tower, and fight enemies as a Necromancer in search of a way back home in this strategy-auto battle game.

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In this game, you must combine various body parts to bring back the dead while concurrently upgrading your tower. By combining abilities from different mythical creatures, you can slice through enemy hoards and triumph against the so-called “chosen ones.” Truth be told, the undead aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer.

The game centers around a necromancer and his trusty companion, the Cat, who are lost in a new realm and are seeking a way back home. Thankfully, the duo found enchanted tools that can prove to be useful. The Necromancer, equipped with knowledge and skills, has an ingenious idea of using scattered remains to protect themselves and find a blueprint of a ship to escape.

Gameplay is a mixture of strategy and auto battle. The player must revive the undead from various remains and collect resources to aid them to battle against numerous enemies. As the undead venture and explore the map, they can encounter even more unique parts to enhance the player’s creation. Resources also permit the player to improve the tower both within or between sessions at the hub.

Creating undead units is initiated using a ritual pentagram. The player can choose to assemble a specific unit, such as an Orc, by using only parts of an Orc's body and hybrids using different creatures. With each improvement made to the tower, the player increases unit characteristics, boosts the number of new remains and supplies, and fortifies the castle itself.

One unique mechanic is the player's ability to take direct control of any undead unit by touching the screen. However, only one unit can be possessed and controlled at a time. The secret recipe is another feature that allows the player to discover specific unit combinations to grant them additional bonuses like higher attack and speed.

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Release date
Sep 21, 2023
Single player

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