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Naval Tactics

Naval Tactics

Chimera Software, LLC

Game overview

Naval Tactics: Captains of the Spanish Main pits you against friends and enemies on the high seas with tactical gameplay and historical missions.

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Set sail for adventure on the high seas with Naval Tactics: Captains of the Spanish Main! Immerse yourself in the thrilling experience of commanding your own fleet and battle for supremacy with your friends and foes. Step back in time to the Golden Age of Sail where brave men crewed the ships of wood during both peace and war.

Prepare yourself for a tactical warboard game like no other, where every move counts and every decision can be the difference between victory and defeat. Utilize the hexagonal playing field and Captain's Cards to maximize your strategies. Think ahead and stay alert to the weather gauge to ensure your fleet’s success.

Play against others with the online asynchronous multiplayer feature. Enjoy an engaging multiplayer experience with real-time chat, unlimited concurrent games, automated matchmaking and more!

Experience true naval combat with a diverse range of ships, from nimble Naval Cutters to massive Ships of the Line, all with their unique capabilities and armaments. Disabling opponents with bar shot or tearing through their hull with double shot can be the key difference. Take advantage of your naval formation and fleet capabilities to conquer the high seas.

With balanced competitive play and a range of Captain's Cards, Naval Tactics sets the bar for multiplayer naval combat on the iOS platform. Play your chosen historical missions such as Battle of Flamborough Head, the Constitution vs Guerriere and the struggle at Trincomalee. New historical missions will be added in future updates.

Naval Tactics: Captains of the Spanish Main is a unique choice for naval combat and tactics. With a hexagonal map, fog of war, and historical and custom missions you will enjoy hours of gameplay. Don't be fooled by the fleeting “free for a day” campaigns, Naval Tactics' fair pricing ensures it will run for $7.99 USD and remains a worthwhile investment for avid gamers and history buffs alike.
Chimera Software, LLC
Release date
May 14, 2014

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