Naval Creed: Warships

Naval Creed: Warships

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Game overview

Unleash the French navy's battleship line and join the intense, online global battlefield with more than 150 restored warships to choose from.

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Ahoy captain! The French Navy needs your skilled navigation and strategic mastery! The latest update of the thrilling Naval Creed game features the fully unlocked technology tree for the French battleships, complete with several options that await your command. Get ready to witness and experience the glory of the hundred year plus history of the French Navy!

The game updates include the following: the unlocking of the French battleship technology tree, access to the French cruiser "Algérie," and the French battleship "Jean Bart." The issue with the "artillery warning" skill in the Arena has been fixed, and the duration and cooling time of the "engine boost" consumables have been decreased. The "Montana" stats have been adjusted, increasing the sigma of HE shells by 1 and ignition chance to 37.5%, while the surface detection range of the "Neustrashimy" has been reduced by 500m and the air detection range by 300m. The MM weight of L3 has been adjusted to 10.0, H39 to 9.0, and Bismarck to 8.2. Lastly, the detectable distance of all torpedoes by aircraft has been reduced to half the old value, and quests in the Arena can no longer be completed by normal PvP battles.

With the optimized sound effects, players can enjoy an immersive gameplay experience. Sound effects of dive bombers on Graf Zeppelin have been added, and the volume of all main guns and torpedoes reloading has been reduced. Moreover, engine sound effects for all ships have been added along with fixes to the problem of quadruple-mounted secondary guns showing only three shells.

Embark on the journey of real-time battles on the sea with Naval Creed, a naval-battle-themed TPS game with stunning 3D graphics, and historically accurate battles such as the Battle of the Coral Sea and the Battle of the Philippine Sea. Naval Creed offers more than 100 restored warships of various types and is free to download on smartphones and tablets. Take your warships on the go, and engage in intense, exciting and fair global battle arenas on the sea!

Features of the game include realistic restoration of over 150 warships of various types from the eight series of warships, the ability to choose freely from four main types of warships such as Aircraft Carriers, Battleships, Cruisers, and Destroyers. Moreover, various types of weapons are available from 533mm torpedoes to 510mm guns, along with a 12v12 online match or 7v7 worldwide competitive arena. Players can fight alongside global warship enthusiasts and experience multiple enormous realistic battlefields of over 2500 square kilometers on the sea. Naval Creed offers exquisitely restored warship models that allow you to admire the flawless details of the warships from 720 degrees. The game provides elaborate visual data of the warships, including armors, modules, and arrangements of the armaments that can be seen very clearly. Naval Creed has various multiplayer gameplay mechanics; you can team up with friends or join in a fleet to fight alongside them. Lastly, Naval Creed is a truly free naval-battle-themed game with no life limits or Ads, allowing you to enjoy the game fully without paying or playing for an extended time.

So captain, ready your weapons, sail the seas, and gather your fleet. Your time to conquer the seas has come! Join Naval Creed now and experience the ultimate battle arena on the sea today! Follow Naval Creed on Facebook for further updates and contact for any queries.
Archosaur Games
Release date
Jul 12, 2017

Gameplay & Streams

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