Naught Reawakening

Naught Reawakening

Genera Games
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Game overview

Guide Naught through the underground. Use gravity to overcome darkness and enemies. Unique platforming with procedural animations. 30+ levels with secrets.

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Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure with Naught Reawakening. This platform game is unlike any other as it transports you to a mysterious underground world where darkness lurks at every corner. With gravity being your primary weapon, you must help Naught navigate through this treacherous landscape.

Naught is not your average protagonist - his procedural animations make him incredibly dynamic. You'll find him adapting to his surroundings by holding onto walls and adjusting his movements depending on the surface he's on. He has unique and dynamic ways of pushing objects around, which allows him to navigate the environment like no other character can.

As you venture forth, you'll be faced with puzzles to solve, creatures to avoid, and monsters to fight. Naught will have his skills put to the test, from jumping to diving, as you guide him through this dark world. You must help Naught escape the darkness while uncovering the hidden levels that reveal his forgotten memories.

With over 30 levels, including three bonus levels with big enemies, Naught Reawakening is both diverse and challenging. You'll also have access to time trial mode for each level to truly test your skills. And keep your eyes peeled, as there are secrets hidden throughout the game waiting to be uncovered.
Genera Games
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