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Narrowboat Simulator

Narrowboat Simulator

Michael Donning

Game overview

Navigate through canals with 3D narrowboats, collect Canal Karma, complete tasks & unlock additional boats in this free, ad-free simulator.

Game description generated withAI

Immerse yourself in the world of narrowboats with this 3D simulation game, now available on your android phone or tablet. A comprehensive tutorial will teach you the basics of navigating the canal with these vessels. Once you have mastered the essentials, head over to the "Drifting Badger Marina" and complete various tasks to accrue your "Canal Karma." Your ability to pilot the boat will determine how much karma you collect. The higher your karma, the more advanced modes and boats you'll unlock.

This application is completely free and does not contain any advertisements, though this may change with subsequent releases. As a note: the app requires access to the internet, which is necessary for an optional experimental function allowing two android devices on the same network to use the app as a virtual reality/touch controller.

Features of the current version include three narrowboats of varying sizes (54ft, 70ft, and 27ft), as well as a Rubber Duck and a historical boat. There are several control options at your disposal, including throttle/gear control and tiller, a mooring dialogue to tie or untie your boat, the ability to push off when aground or at the dock, different points of view, basic joystick/gamepad support, and experimental VR support (gyroscope sensor required).

Beyond the boats and controls, the game offers a variety of environments for you to navigate through. From a short stretch of canal complete with marina, winding hole, junctions, bridges, and bends, to a 2x2km stretch of the Llangollen Canal surrounding the iconic Pontcysyllte Aqueduct. In addition to the aqueduct, you'll encounter a lift bridge (28W) and boat traffic in this stretch of the canal.

For more information and support, make sure to check out the website at
Michael Donning
Release date
Jun 21, 2017
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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