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Napoleon in Russia

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Game overview

Napoleon in Russia is a strategy game that recreates historical battles and skirmishes from the 1812 Invasion of Russia, featuring over 30 unit types and detailed combat analysis.

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Napoleon's endeavor to invade Russia was a colossal operation that commenced on the 24th of June 1812, when the Grande Armée crossed the Neman River and engaged in a battle with the Russian army. The French army, comprising over 600,000 troops, initially triumphed over Russia, winning several smaller battles, as well as a prominent one at Smolensk in August. However, the Russian army managed to dodge the French army every time, until the long-awaited Battle of Borodino ensued, propelling the French to another victory, and leading them to the Gates of Moscow. Despite this, the Battle of Borodino could not salvage the situation entirely. The French army eventually succumbed to the magnanimity and severity of the Russian winter. By the end of 1812, the French army was in disarray, and as they commenced their long march home, they were destroyed.

Napoleon in Russia is a game that reconstructs five real-life battles from the famously ill-fated invasion of Russia in 1812. The game also includes several non-historical skirmish engagements, as well as a bonus mission – all for your gaming pleasure.

In the forthcoming game updates, more 1812 Russian battles will be added to the game as in-App purchases.

● Both sides can play all missions, apart from the tutorial.
● The game has over 30 varying types of units.
● The infantry comprises four classes – Raw, Average, Veteran, and Elite.
● The game has a detailed combat analysis feature.
● The Map Zoom function allows players to zoom in and out as necessary.
● Flank attacks are part of the game.
● Strategic Movement capability.

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Oct 24, 2015
Single player

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