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N Innocence

Asobimo, Inc.
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Cross-over of multiple mythologies, stylish visuals and simple controls make "N-Innocence" stand out in the RPG genre. Play as multiple gods in a fantasy world.

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EN-INNOCENCE" is a new type of action-packed RPG that combines a unique interpretation of mythology with advanced art, all wrapped up in a nostalgic yet fresh fighting game.
The game features a "coordinated" fighting battle action that allows players to experience the intense combat of an RPG with simple tactics, such as tapping and flicking. Players can swap between up to four characters, including support characters, to chain together combos and dominate their enemies. When the enemy is weakened from accumulating damage, it's the perfect opportunity to dish out intense damage!
Each character has their unique abilities, such as attack, defense, healing, and support, creating a vast range of variations. Characters such as Siegfried from Norse mythology or Prometheus from Greek mythology combine to form a unique crossover storyline, as they trek through a fascinating new mythology world. The game's graphics are entirely unique and beautiful, with achievements in cutting-edge 3DCG technology that fully replicate the world of mythology as envisioned by the game's creators.
The story unfolds as you awaken in an unknown place, where two young girls, Neya and Nea, confront you. One seeks to protect you, while the other seeks to kill you, leaving you in the middle of an unfamiliar world with no knowledge of who you are. The game's cast of characters, including Neya, Thor, Freya, Brunhilde, Susano, Zeus, Apollo, and more, create a rich and diverse story that players will be able to experience to the fullest.
The game features an incredible cast of voice actors and actresses, from Shizuka Ishigami and Miku Itou to Kana Ueda and Tomoya Enoki. Prices for the base game are free, but some items may require payment. The game is only compatible with Android 7.0 or later, Snapdragon 845 or higher, and 4GB of RAM or more.
Asobimo, Inc.
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