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Join the battle against dark forces with unique Gods and Heroes, explore epic storylines and customize your adventure in this AFK RPG mobile game.

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Venture forth and defend the world from the looming darkness! Create your ultimate team of elite warriors from various cultures by summoning unique Gods and Heroes, enhancing their abilities with potent new skills, unlocking their infamous weapons, and empowering them for intense battles. Engage in legendary trials in this exciting mobile adventure and progress your favorite heroes in this AFK role-playing game.

Experience amazing features, including:

- One Touch β€” Then, Hands-Free: This game offers you the freedom to choose your level of involvement. Rise to greatness by being actively engaged in every conflict or allow your team to operate autonomously in idle mode. Simply set up your team, and with just one touch, your Heroes will begin exploring and battling on your behalf!

- Strategic Liberty: Utilize a gacha summoning system to form your team of Gods across multiple factions and unlock legendary weapons for a distinct upper hand during your rogue-like journey! Unlike the conventional hero lineups of many RPG games, this game can make your every desire a reality!

- Forge Memorable Friendships: Explore the Global Server Chat to interact with other gamers and forge relationships and alliances with people from all over the world! Create a Summoner Guild with your new friends and collaborate to bring down Titans and Gods, then challenge your allies to a friendly 1-on-1 combat in the Arena!

- Iconic Characters from Myths: Travel through ten unique continents as their epic storylines combine seamlessly in a role-playing game saga that has existed for thousands of years! Select and enhance champions like Thor, the figurehead of the Norse pantheon, or any other mythological icon, such as Zeus, Anubis, Izanami, and Mulan, with divine power!

- Unique Dungeons and Intriguing Extras: What will your legend be, Summoner? Whether it is clashing against Hades, the Demon god, or capturing the Soul of a perilous Zodiac beast, you can customize your own adventure. The choice is yours!

- Distinctive Artistic Style: In an adventure that takes you to the historical Pantheon and ancient arenas, classical mythology blends with modern Anime art style. Customize your Heroes' clothing with special and exclusive skins!

Experience the excitement of leveling up your ultimate team and venturing through various dungeons in this gorgeous game. Join the official Facebook page, Discord, and website for regular updates and official information on the Mythic Heroes.
Release date
Oct 16, 2021

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