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Investigate as a Mystic in a supernatural murder mystery, Mystic Code. Unravel the truth in this thrilling visual novel with multiple endings.

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Are you able to uncover the truth in a world filled with mystics and humans? Embark on a supernatural adventure where you take on the role of a Mystic investigator who sets out to solve an unprecedented murder case that threatens the peace of coexisting Humans and Mystics in Mystic Code.

The victim of the murder case was a police officer who belonged to Gumwa (Golden frog) Mystic. A dead toad was discovered near the victim at the murder scene, raising suspicion about the killer's motive.

MIU, the Mystic Investigation Unit, receives the case, and they are the only ones who can decipher the connection between the cases. Armed with their exceptional instincts, they set out to chase down the murderer and bring them to justice.

Mystic Code is an enthralling mystery visual novel that consists of 25 chapters that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Each decision you make as an investigator guides the story's direction, leading to multiple different endings. Choose wisely as there are both good and bad endings to discover.

Besides the primary story, there are side stories that give you more insight into the game's main plotline. Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in a world filled with magical creatures and unravel the mystery that threatens its peace.

For more information on Mystic Code, visit the Lucydream website or follow them on their social media handles, including Twitter and Facebook. For any inquiries on this game, reach out to
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