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Mystery Tales: Eye of the Fire

Game overview

Uncover secrets and solve puzzles to stop an evil witch in Mystery Tales: Eye of the Fire. Play hidden object games and collectibles to save the town.

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In one of the best mystery games that involve hidden objects, you can put your puzzle solving and brain teasers skills to the test! The objective of this entertaining "find hidden object" game is to locate the hidden objects to stop a Witch called Madlena. An individual has asked you to investigate the mysterious nightmares of a young lady. What appears to be a straightforward investigation gets more hazardous as Madlena, an ancient Witch, returns to take her victims. The situation in the small town can't be explained using logic or sense, so breaking the curse becomes necessary! You need to make use of your detective talents to free the town from the wrath of this witch using puzzles and brain teasers. Do you have what it takes to defeat her and free the people, or will she reign supreme and capture all the souls of the town?

The bonus segment is where things take a serious turn for the worse. You are the only one who can prevent Madlena from causing further harm to the village. Discover what the Witch is up to in the small town by playing various new hidden object games, solving puzzles, and gathering evidence and objects. Help your friend Katharina decode the riddle behind her nightmares and engage in an exciting adventure!

Torture devices that are hidden which you need to find and add them to your chamber of horrors can be found. You will come across intriguing and authentic torture devices that you can collect throughout the game. Test your deduction and logic skills by solving brain teasers to acquire all the items required to save the city by getting to the Witch's lair. You can also collect beautiful morphing hidden objects, collectibles, and cards to participate in a bonus game, as well as download wallpapers, replay your favourite games, and enjoy concept arts, wallpapers.

You can collect lost pages and add them to the Witch's spellbook to uncover more about Madlena’s intentions and goals while going through the "find hidden object" games. These games contain well-drawn locations, characters, scenes, and landscapes that will keep you engaged and curious. Save the entire town from the witch's malevolence by solving all the "find hidden objects" games.

You can play the free trial version of this game before purchasing the full version via an in-app purchase.

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Release date
Apr 04, 2019


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