My Sweet Puppy Love

My Sweet Puppy Love

Genius Studio Japan Inc.
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Game overview

Save one of three girls in a mystical gameshow - bubbly Sena, loyal Shoko, or shy Tama - in this heartwarming love story.

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Get ready to embark on a heartwarming journey of puppy love in this captivating game!

â– Introductionâ– 

Your life takes an interesting turn when you are selected to take part in a mystical game show that will determine the fate of three girls you have never encountered before. Your decision will lead you towards saving one of them.

â– Charactersâ– 

Sena - The Unexpected Activist
Senas's daily life is all about having fun until her favorite park is designated for destruction. Help this lively, cordial, and amusing girl in her battle against a heartless corporation. Can you save the cheerful Sena and her beloved park?

Shoko - The Reserved Protector
After being driven out of her home, Shoko has learned to cherish every relationship she has. She is slow to make friends, but once she does, she is devoted to them. Can you assist her in reconnecting with those that mattered the most to her?

Tama - The Budding Model
Tama has always been shy and followed her friends' decisions until she encounters her inspiration, leading her to aspire to be a model. Can you lend her a hand in taking her first step towards the glamorous catwalk? Join Tama in this exciting journey!

Choose your favorite character and guide them in their quest to fulfill their heartfelt desires. Who will warm your heart and become your soulmate?
Genius Studio Japan Inc.
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