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Save the village with feisty shrine maiden and her familiars in Genius Studio Japan's My Sacred Shrine Maiden, the ultimate bishoujo game!

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Step into a world where thrilling ghost stories come to life in My Sacred Shrine Maiden, a visual novel game created by Genius Studio Japan. Spend your summer vacation stuck in your grandparents’ countryside house with old friends and embark on a test of courage at a nearby shrine said to be haunted by spirits. Discover for yourself the true power of the spirits lurking there that no story could accurately validate.

In the game, you must work closely with the powerful Kami and a feisty shrine maiden named Yae, whose father is the head priest of the shrine. Yae is a straight-laced and authoritative girl, but as you team up to seal away the evil spirits, you come to realize that she’s grown both mentally and physically since you last saw her in elementary school.

Yae’s two familiars are also crucial to your mission. Emiya, the fox spirit, is nonchalant about the whole ordeal, mainly because she’s been around for much longer than the village itself. Nevertheless, her magical powers may come in handy if you can convince her to use them to your advantage.

The second familiar, Furuha, is a young and loyal lion dog spirit. She lacks sharp wit but compensates for it with her kindness and ability to track down other spirits. Your objective is to take full advantage of her skills to aid you in preventing the evil spirits from wreaking havoc on the village and its inhabitants.

Will you be able to seal away the spirits and save the village in time? Or will you succumb to the malevolent forces lurking within the shrine? Find out in My Sacred Shrine Maiden.
Release date
Nov 14, 2022
Single player


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