My Robot Girlfriend

My Robot Girlfriend

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Game overview

Interactive romance game: My Robot Girlfriend: Romance You Choose. Simulated love program to date Fei, Luna, or River. Will your love be real or "artificial"?

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Romance Simulation with My Robot Girlfriend” is an exciting dating game that offers premium choices packed with amazing fun! This interactive mobile app places you in a unique position to determine your destiny in your romantic school-life. The game features a mix of human guys and robots, offering you the chance to become the protagonist and experience an out-of-this-world romance with robotic characters that are as lifelike as humans!

In this game, you play the role of an ordinary university student, a shy geek who has a crush on a fellow classmate, Fei. Against all odds, you receive two robotic girls who look exactly like humans, and they are programmed to help you navigate through a special training course for dating. These girls are aware of your romantic woes, and with their help, you can become more confident and adept in the art of courtship.

The game is designed to keep you on the edge of your seat, as nobody must know that these girls are robots, or you'll be in deep trouble! As you get closer to Fei, you'll develop affection for the two robots, leaving you with the question of whether your love is genuine or "artificial."

The game features three main characters that are appealing for different reasons. The first is Fei, an attractive and smart student who is famous among guys and ladies alike. Though she has a default cold personality, she can be warm and accommodating when she wishes to be. It is rumored that she dated the university's playboy and suffered the consequences, leaving you too intimidated to ask her out. With this new approach, you can practice dating strategies before making your move.

The second robot is River, an 18-year-old with an eccentric beauty that exudes cool and logical brainpower. Though she has the combined intelligence of two computers, she knows little about human emotions. Her straightforward and unbiased opinion calms you down, but she has a longing to become human in the future. You could be the one to change her destiny.

Lastly, there is Luna, an 18-year-old robot that looks like a supermodel and has a warm and sociable personality. Her best feature is her ability to understand and experience human emotions. With her kind personality and comforting words, she encourages and motivates you to be better. Luna knows human emotions well, but she prefers not to fall in love with humans because she knows that she will forever remain a robot.

This game offers you a variety of characters to choose from based on your preferences! Who will you choose to be your perfect match? Dive into this incredible game and experience the thrill of true love and artificial intelligence.
Genius Inc
Release date
Dec 07, 2018
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

My Robot Girlfriend Episode 16 All EndingMichael_vx
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