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Game overview

The sequel to our popular "My Rental Girlfriend" is here! Witness the new generation of heroines with your own eyes!


As a shy high school student, dating isn’t exactly your thing. But luckily, you’ve been able to take advantage of a rental girlfriend service to at least enjoy artificial relationships.

You seemed quite satisfied with the status quo and are especially fond of a certain girl named Sumire who you’ve taken on many dates.

One day, you happened to witness the Rental Girlfriend championship and are in awe of the beauty of contestants such as Celina.

Your brought back out of your trance when a striking girl next to you begins talking to you. Her name is Jerry and she claims she will be the next Rental Girlfriend star.

It seems she thinks that it is some kind of simple modeling contest, so you decide to explain that it’s much more than that. However, instead of losing interest, you’ve only gotten her more invested and she demands you become her coach to become the next star!



An absolute tsundere princess of a rental girlfriend. She is from a rich family and is very demanding. She despises having to follow in the footsteps of her family and decides to forge her own path by becoming a rental girlfriend.While her naïve nature can be a little surprising, deep down she had a heart of gold.

She has very little dating experience and does not really understand what boys are looking for on dates. However, her stylish looks constantly draw attention.

She is very smart due to her elite upbringing, but is afraid of her mother and has trouble standing up to her.


Sumire is a laid back and caring rental girlfriend. She’s been in the business for a while and can be considered an expert. She is very genuine which has led to her gaining quite the following. However, she is a sharp observer able to see into people’s hearts and understand their struggles.

Despite having the potential to win at competitions, she has very little interest in fame or money and only wants to be a Rental Girlfriend so that she can help people.

However, she can’t help but notice Jerry’s ambition and decides to enter the race herself.
Release date
Oct 17, 2023
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

My Rental Girlfriend Next: All Premium Choices, Both EndingsPhantom Streams
My Rental Girlfriend NEXT (Gameplay Android)Must Have Games - Android Gameplay
My Rental Girlfriend: Celina's Story: Chapter 1I am ThePaladinOfSkill
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