My Reaper Girlfriend

My Reaper Girlfriend

Genius Studio Japan Inc.
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Game overview

You become a reaper's assistant after saving your crush's life, but are you up for the task of collecting souls and discovering the reapers' secrets? Try in My Reaper Girlfriend.

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â– Synopsisâ– 

You live an ordinary life as a student until you become the assistant of a reaper the next day. On your way home from school, you save your crush from being hit by a car, but you take the hit instead. Your soul leaves your body, and two cute grim reapers take you to the afterlife. After realizing that you saved your crush's life, the reapers offer you a deal: you become their assistant reaper. You agree to their proposal, but soon realize that the mission to collect souls might not be as easy as you thought. Can you help the reapers with their mission and find out why they became grim reapers? Will you be able to keep your secret from your crush?

Find out in My Reaper Girlfriend!

â– Charactersâ– 


Marie is what you would consider a tsundere. She initially treats you harshly, but over time, she begins to open up to you. Interestingly, she wasn't always a reaper. Can you uncover her hidden past and win her heart?


Elsa is Marie's boss and takes her reaper duties very seriously. It's challenging to get along with her, but if you prove your worth as an assistant reaper, she may warm up to you. Can you gain her trust and admiration?


Mika is your crush and classmate. Although she appears to be an average high school girl, she often finds herself in life-threatening situations. There's something supernatural going on around her, but can you keep your new job a secret from her?
Genius Studio Japan Inc.
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