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Uncover secrets to become a ninja princess, choose a ninja to marry, and help save hidden villages from banished ninja in My Ninja Destiny.

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In “My Ninja Destiny,” you will play as the daughter of a once-great ninja leader. After receiving an invitation from your estranged father, you return to your childhood home in the mountains and discover your heritage. You learn that you are the heiress to your father's legacy. However, before you take over the leadership of the three hidden ninja villages, you must marry one of the renowned ninja warriors and master the secret ninjutsu techniques written in your late father's diary.

Unfortunately, the competition is fierce and treacherous. The ninja warriors will do whatever it takes to get their hands on your father's diary, even marry you. Also, Banished ninja suddenly attack the villages, forcing the competitors to work together to save their homes and people. Will you fight alongside these legendary ninja to protect their villages and your legacy?


Fuma Kotaro - the Oni Ninja
Fuma Kotaro is a remarkable ninja known for his fire ninjutsu. His village, however, looks down on him because of his cursed oni blood. To prove his worth as a great ninja, Kotaro would marry you and obtain the diary's secret techniques within. Can you assist Kotaro in realizing that he is far more than his cursed blood?

Hattori Hanzo - The Skilled Swordsman
Hanzo is a gifted swordsman who values his family's honor. However, he is living in the shadow of his prominent father. Hanzo would marry you to satisfy his father's wishes. Nevertheless, he realizes that he must discover his own route to personal happiness. Would you assist Hanzo in finding his path?

Ishikawa Goemon - The Charming Thief
Ishikawa Goemon is a charming thief with a Robin Hood-like personality. Despite his luxurious clothing, he is from the poorest village. He uses your childhood friendship to appeal to you and marry you, believing that you are the key to his village's fortune. Would you teach Goemon that stealing is never the solution? Would you help him rebuild his village before it is entirely destroyed by the Banished ninja?
Genius Inc
Release date
Sep 28, 2021
Single player


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My Ninja DestinyGenius - Otome Studio
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