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My Magical Boyfriend

Game overview

Manage an apartment complex inhabited by magical creatures and prevent its demolition. Can you earn their trust and work together before it's too late?

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You have been granted the role of manager in your grandfather’s apartment complex. However, the building poses a challenge due to its infamous reputation and peculiar occurrences, which might result in its demolition. To make matters worse, the apartment complex is a hotspot for mystical beings from far-off dimensions. In order to protect your home from being redeveloped, you must gain the trust of your tenants, including Raiju - the Dragon, Arun - the Elf, and Isao - the Beastman, and work together to save the building. Can you win their confidence and collaborate before it's too late?


Rajiu - The Dragon

Rajiu is a robust troublemaker who serves as a frontman and guitarist for a clandestine band, and explains the noise infractions in the apartment complex. He has an aloof personality and a tendency to believe that everything is about him. Disappointed with how he has been treated due to his dragon ancestry, Rajiu migrated to Earth in search of a fresh beginning and grew fond of the music there. The challenge lies in convincing the rebellious Rajiu to listen to you and stop causing problems, or risk losing him to another home.

Arun - The Elf

Arun, a stand-offish and introverted computer tech, works in his room. He usually appears stern, but his apprehension stems from his lack of exposure to human interactions and his preference for his pixie familiars company. These creatures regularly cause mischief throughout the neighborhood. Can you help Arun conquer his nerves around humans and realize that they are not that bad?

Isao - The Beastman

Isao, the bizarre and affable Beastman, enjoys doing things his way. Although he enjoys teasing and having fun with you and the others, he is the easiest of the tenants to talk to. Gossip has it that Isao might be of royal heritage and might be the solitary survivor from his planet. As time advances, will he confide in you more?
Genius Inc
Release date
Nov 01, 2022
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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