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Undying love, a husband's twisted journey to revive his wife. Summon succubi, make them fall in love with you and sacrifice them in this eerie dating & alchemy sim.

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Are you willing to go to extreme lengths for the one you love, even if it means sacrificing others? "Undying Love" is a game that explores the twisted path of eternal love. Developed by the genius minds behind "My Lovely Daughter," this game will take you on an unforgettable and eerie journey of true love.

Everything begins with a handwritten letter, penned by Luna, your beloved who passed away too soon. The letter requests that you perform supernatural rites to revive her back to life. You will play as Jake, Luna's devoted husband who has been given the ability to summon various demons by a mysterious man, in order to make them fall in love with you and offer them as sacrifices to bring Luna back.

This game combines the elements of dating, management, and alchemy to create a unique gaming experience. "Undying Love" contains multiple endings, making it highly replayable. The gothic fantasy artwork of this game has been designed to befit the dark themes of the game. Furthermore, the eerie soundtrack perfectly complements the game's theme, sending chills down your spine.

In "Undying Love," you must face an uncanny love dilemma. Jake must sacrifice innocent lives to resurrect his beloved Luna. How far would you go for your one true love? Are you ready to face the consequences of your choices, even if it means destroying others' lives? Find out in "Undying Love.
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Release date
Oct 11, 2023
Single player

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