My High School Cat Girlfriend

My High School Cat Girlfriend

Genius Studio Japan Inc.
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Game overview

Transfer to a new school only to discover it's for cat-human hybrids. Keep your secret safe while navigating love and cat politics.

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In "My High School Cat Girlfriend," you play as a new transfer student who thought their biggest challenge was adjusting to a new school. However, you quickly realize that you've actually stumbled upon a school for cats who can transform into humans. Things get even more complicated when one of the feline students begins to suspect your secret. Will you be able to keep your identity hidden and make it through this school year in one piece?

Explore the world of cat-human hybrids in this exciting visual novel game. With beautifully illustrated characters and immersive storyline, players will experience the ups and downs of high school life - with a feline twist. Along the way, you'll encounter different characters, including Lili, a kind-hearted American Short Hair who always has your back, Misuzu, a tough Maine Coon who's guarding secrets of her own, and Momo, a proud Scottish Fold who knows about your secret and could use your help dealing with her own identity issues.

As you navigate the challenges of high school, you'll have to keep your identity secret while also getting to know your new feline classmates. Will you be able to help Momo with her struggles? Will Misuzu's cold exterior ever crack? Can cat-human hybrids and regular humans truly coexist - maybe even fall in love? Download "My High School Cat Girlfriend" to find out!
Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Release date
Oct 06, 2020
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

My Highschool Cat Girlfriend - Misuzu RouteEndEnd
My Highschool Cat Girlfriend - Momo RouteEndEnd
My Highschool Cat Girlfriend - Lili RouteEndEnd
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