My Girlfriend Loves My Blood

My Girlfriend Loves My Blood

Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Visual Novel

Game overview


When a beautiful new girl transfers to your school, it falls to you to give her a tour. Things seem to be going well… until you cut your hand. Now you're being chased by powerful vampires from the Underworld who want your special blood, and your only respite is a group of vampire sisters who swear to use your powers for good!

Can you learn to trust these girls and free them from their evil ruler, or are you all doomed to a fate worse than death?


Eliza — The Sporty Youngest Sister

Eliza’s an energetic girl who, despite her outer confidence, struggles with some self-doubts. At first, she wants to use your blood to further her own ambitions, but your close proximity leads to a friendship, and eventually, something more. Can you help her see how wonderful she truly is, or will she consume you in her pursuit of perfection?

Claudine — The Kindhearted Older Sister

The eldest sister, Claudine is funny, caring, and acts as the ‘mother’ in the family. She’s a university student, but transfers into your school as an assistant teacher to keep an eye on you. Claudine gets plenty of attention since she looks the same age as your peers, but she’s oblivious to it all. Can you show her that, unlike the other guys your age, you're not all bark and no bite?

Victoria — The Sweet and Timid Twin

Victoria is an honest and quiet girl who, unlike most vampires, doesn’t have any plans for greatness. Despite this fact, she’s been gifted with the most powerful ability of all—she can quell bloodlust among vampires, leaving them open to her commands. Many want to use Victoria’s power for themselves, so she’s slow to trust and open up. Can you show her that you're someone who can protect her from those who want to take advantage of her gift?

Veronica — The Mysterious and Deadly Twin

Victoria and Veronica are two sides of the same coin, and they share a strong connection. Veronica has the opposite ability of her sister—she can send vampires into a frenzied bloodlust, making her a dangerous opponent. Her power is scorned by others and often feels more like a curse than a gift. Veronica believes humans are inferior creatures, so she’s irate when the sisters welcome you into their home. When Veronica tries to sink her fangs into you, will you be drawn into a darker romance with her and her twin?
Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Release date
Sep 26, 2022
Visual Novel
Single player

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