My Girlfriend Loves a Mystery

My Girlfriend Loves a Mystery

Genius Studio Japan Inc.
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Game overview

Solve crimes and win hearts in a trio-turned-quartet with an introverted detective, clumsy cop, and prideful investigator.

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â– Synopsisâ– 

The protagonist's freshman year at the university is not starting as planned since the dorms are full. Consequently, they are forced to live in an apartment with an exceptional roommate who loves solving puzzles. Unfortunately, before having time to unpack, they are taken to a crime scene where they witness their roommate's incredible powers of deduction in action. The duo quickly becomes a trio, and then a quartet, with three teammates who don't just seem to be at odds with each other for the glory but for the protagonist's affection too. Will the protagonist be able to solve the puzzles and win their hearts?

â– Charactersâ– 

Shana — The Analytical Detective

Shana is the protagonist's introverted roommate who happens to be a puzzle genius. Although an analytical introvert, once she decides to do something, nothing can stop her, apart from her laziness. After meeting the protagonist, she starts to open up, but the protagonist wonders if this is a step in the right direction. Can the protagonist support Shana and be her confidant, or will they let her fall?

Rina — The Timid Police Officer

Rina's pure-hearted nature is her strongest virtue, but it is also what others often mistake for weakness. Due to her shy and introverted nature, Rina tends to get stuck with unsolvable cases all the time, and it is starting to wear her down. Can the protagonist help Rina find her confidence and stand strong or leave her to collapse under the weight of her insecurity?

Tiana — The Arrogant Investigator

Tiana is an extroverted and arrogant investigator who always solves her problems by rushing headfirst into them. Although her assertiveness and pride usually put her at odds with Shana, Tiana always goes after what she wants, whether in solving cases or teasing the protagonist. Will the protagonist be the one to bring Tiana's ego in check, or will they succumb to her charms?
Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Release date
Feb 01, 2022
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

My Girlfriend Loves a Mystery - Chapter 1EndEnd
My Girlfriend Loves A Mystery: All Premium Choices For Shanaisaac yaw
My Girlfriend Loves a Mystery - Shana RouteEndEnd
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