GamesMy Fairytale Girlfriend

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A magical bookmark triggers three fairy tale girl's arrival in reality; play as the knight in shining armor and find love along the way in this heartwarming tale.

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■■Game Description■■

Are you tired of mundane school life? Do you want to embark on an exciting adventure? Then, get ready for a magical and heartwarming tale of romance and adventure. In this game, you have a chance encounter with a magical bookmark that calls forth three cute fairytale girls. But, there is more to it than that. The game gives you the opportunity to save the world and find true love.


◆ Rapunzel ◆

Are you looking for an adventure? Rapunzel is a bright, enthusiastic, and somewhat of a diva. Her charming personality will put you under her spell from the very first moment. However, she has high expectations and is looking for someone who could be her prince charming.

◆ Snow ◆

If you want the world to be a better place, you will adore Snow. She is gentle and sweet, and just being around her makes you feel as if you’re walking on the clouds. Do you think she feels the same way about you?

◆ Little Red ◆

Meet Little Red, a girl who is on a mission. Although she is not one for frivolous games, every glimpse of her smile fills you with warmth. She is bold and brave, but can you help her realize that it’s okay to be vulnerable? Will you be able to melt her heart?

Now, you have the opportunity to become the knight in shining armor, save the world and create your very own "happily ever after" alongside these fairytale girls.
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Single player