My Fairytale Girlfriend

My Fairytale Girlfriend

Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Visual Novel

Game overview


You've always read stories to escape your mundane school life, but your world turns upside-down when a chance encounter with a magical bookmark summons three cute fairytale girls into the real world! Sound like a dream come true? Wait until you see what else has been unleashed...

It's your chance to become the knight in shining armor, save the world, and find true love along the way. Write your very own happily ever after in this magical and heartwarming tale of adventure and romance!


◆ Rapunzel ◆
"I'm looking for an adventure!"
Bright, enthusiastic, and a bit of a diva, Rapunzel has you charmed from the moment your eyes meet. Rapunzel has high expectations—could you be the prince she's looking for?

◆ Snow ◆
"I want the world to be a better place."
Sweet and gentle, Snow knows just how to make anyone feel at ease. With her by your side, you feel like you’re walking on the clouds. Does she feel the same way about you?

◆ Little Red ◆
"I'm here on a mission."
Little Red isn’t one for laughs or frivolous games, but every glimpse of her smile melts your heart. She's already bold and brave—can you show her it's okay to be vulnerable, too?
Genius Studio Japan Inc.
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Visual Novel
Single player