My Factory: Boss Life

My Factory: Boss Life


Game overview

It's been so long since Jamie left his hometown and grandpa. Grandapa passed away and left him an old closed down factory. Kelly, Jamie's best friend since they are kids, is so happy to see Jamie back.

Kelly: Cheer up, everything will be OK. Have you thought about reopening the factory? Your grandpa always said that's a mysterious factory
Jamie: Mysterious? But I do need money to fix my house. Let's try producing something.


Welcome to My Factory, our most realistic business simulation game. Here you will become an industry tycoon and rule a business empire. Find out the secret of Jamie's ancient family.

By building and managing your factory production lines, you can hire workers to manufacture sneakers, luxury goods, game consoles, and whatever you want.
Sell more product to upgrade equipment and hire more workers for greater production scale and more wealth.

There are other experiences you can't imagine! Ready to build a business empire and become a billionaire?
Release date
Jun 01, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

🤑 My Factory: Boss Life 🤵 GAMEPLAY (Android, iOS)Sunny Mobile
My Factory: Boss Life Android Gameplay part 1Sanora Gaming
🤑 My Factory: Boss Life 🤵 GAMEPLAY Part 2 NEW Level (Android, iOS)Sunny Mobile