GamesMy Crazy New Fake Love Life

Game overview

■ Synopsis ■

You live in the shadow of your twin brother, the golden boy of your family. Though you’re perfectly content with that, when your brother gets into an accident and ends up in the hospital with amnesia, your parents have you step in to take his place at his elitist school.

Pretending to be your brother until he regains his memories, you find yourself now balancing complex relationships with three beautiful girls.

Can you successfully fool everyone and succeed with your entire family depending on you?

■ Characters ■

Tsubaki – The Sweet Girlfriend

She knows who you are because she's been dating your brother. It will take a lot more effort to fool her, but you have to because her father is important to your parents plan. Her sweet nature and kindness could be your downfall, but is that just the surface? Can you uncover her true nature or will your plan crash and burn?

Yuuka – The Popular Girl

The girl all the guys want and yet she has a secret with your brother, one you uncover the moment you start getting close to her. Soon, the true nature of her friendship with your brother comes to the surface. Will you be able to play along or will you form your own bond?

Mio – The Genius Observer

You find out that it's difficult to fool the genius with a knack for observing people and getting their secrets. Her quiet nature hides a good heart and interest similar to yours. Can you keep your secret from her or will she get the better of you and reveal your secret?
Release date
Nov 13, 2023
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

My Crazy New Fake Love Life: All premium choices and endingsPhantom Streams
Trapgamecrazzy feat. Fortune - FAKE LOVE (Official Video)TrapGameCrazzy
Can You Reattach a Severed Finger? 🤔Zack D. Films
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