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Game overview

Become a manga artist and navigate high school romance in an interactive story featuring Nina, Isabella, and Rachel. Capture their hearts and survive the school festival.

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Indulge in your teenage dreams once again with this amazing new game that is interactive, entertaining, and seductive at the same time. As the protagonist of the story, you take on the responsibility of making crucial decisions that will affect your love life. Will you be able to win the heart of the girl you desire?

You are a budding manga artist with great aspirations that are yet to be fulfilled. However, with the new school year beginning, you are not excited at all. Things change as soon as you sit beside a lively classmate, and another girl seeks your help in impressing your best friend. To add to the chaos, a familiar face from the past turns up.

Can you win the affections of these lovely ladies with the upcoming school festival?

Initially, Nina asks you to play matchmaking with Joshua, your best friend. But as you develop a close bond with this adorable and nurturing girl, you cannot resist falling in love with her. Do you have the heart to turn her down?

With her exuberant personality and intelligence, Isabelle is the talk of the school. She always has something to say about everything, and it is hard to keep up with her energy. Apart from her fiery exterior, what lies hidden beneath? Can you figure out the enigma that she is?

A childhood friend who has just returned from overseas, Rachel is someone you have known for a long time. She is mysteriously serious and aloof at times, but when it comes to interacting with you, she warms up and opens up about herself. Do you have the persuasive power to make her stay or let her go back to her university abroad?
Release date
Aug 22, 2019
Single player

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