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Musket Smoke is a tactical turn-based war game with plenty of tactical options, optimized for online play, and available for both single player and multiplayer.

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Looking for a tactical, online turn-based game to play with friends or solo? Check out Musket Smoke! This game offers an interactive UI and plenty of tactical options to choose from, including smoke, artillery, cavalry charges, morale, and flanking. The AI skirmish maps allow for solo training, but the online campaign is the main event. You can also pass n play, use the full replay for online matches, and compete on leaderboards. Plus, there's a tutorial and help video to get you started. The game's design is inspired by Napoleonic warfare but optimized for online play with a focus on usability and visuals.

But don't just take our word for it - gamers around the world are raving about Musket Smoke. One player in the US describes it as "hands down the most fun game" they've played on the iPad, while a player from Canada calls it one of the "few must have titles of strategy gamers." Players in Ireland, Australia, Germany, Greece, and Japan all recommend it for its deep strategy and easy-to-get-into gameplay. So why not check out Musket Smoke and see for yourself why it's being hailed as a top wargame?
Woodie Dovich
Release date
May 31, 2012

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