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Murder Mystery 3: A Life of Crime

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Solve criminal cases and create them in Murder Mystery 3 through interrogations, analyzing crime scenes, and deductive logic. Challenging investigations and exciting cases await.

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Looking for a crime game that's more than just Hidden Objects? Murder Mystery 3 is the sequel to the popular game Criminal Case and it will take your investigative skills to the next level. Get ready to solve complex criminal cases and create your own in this realistic and immersive game that will keep you on your toes.

From Moscow to other cities, you will follow the Volkov brothers and use your deduction skills to crack mysterious cases. Put yourself in the criminal's shoes - investigate crime scenes, interrogate suspects, examine bodies and scrutinize factual details. Be vigilant, as you might spot some discrepancies that could lead you to the solution.

As you gather more clues, a clear picture will emerge, and you’ll come closer to the truth. Successfully solve each case will unlock the next one. Prepare for the unexpected as cases vary in difficulty, testing your investigative prowess at every turn.

Get ready to use logic and deduction to solve puzzles and find clues. Experience a truly immersive gameplay, with realistic dialogue, and vast amounts of true detective work and crime cases.

All fans of crime books, mystery puzzles, and challenging riddles will enjoy this game that lets you become a detective. With story-driven gameplay and lots of different theories to explore for each case, you’ll be piecing clues together and solving crimes like the greats!

Do you have what it takes to solve every one of the challenging cases? Download Murder Mystery 3 now and put your skills to the test!
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