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Munchkin is the iconic tabletop card game gone digital - kill monsters, grab treasure, and backstab your friends in online multiplayer shenanigans!

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In collaboration with Steve Jackson Games, Munchkin, the popular tabletop card game, brings its treacherous tactics to digital platforms! Embark on a perilous dungeon quest where you bust through doors, seek and slay all monsters in your path, betray your friends, and pilfer the treasure before hightailing it out of there.

With over millions of units sold globally, Munchkin has become a sensation in the genre of dungeon adventure, sans all the tiresome roleplaying. You and your pals engage in a cutthroat battle to annihilate monsters and win over enchanted articles. From sporting headgear like the Horny Helmets to Boots of Butt-Kicking, or unleashing your fury with the Staff of Napalm or the Chainsaw of Bloody Dismemberment, eliminate creatures such as the Potted Plants, Drooling Slimes, to make your way through to the almighty Plutonium Dragon.

Prepare to undergo a thrilling adventure and shuffle up excitement by playing Munchkin! As an avid treasure-loving munchkin, bear in mind that there are a slew of monster and curse cards to overcome on your path to glory. Explore the dungeon using Door and Treasure cards through a series of rounds. Build up your character by combining various Race and Class cards and equip yourself to take on the lurking beasts. Collect treasure and slay monsters to advance levels. The primary objective is to be the first Munchkin to reach Level 10!

But, hold on tight, as there's more! Engage in cross-platform, multiplayer shenanigans with gamers worldwide. Take on a tutorial to master the approaches involved in a dungeon crawl. Sharpen your hacking and slashing abilities by taking on Solo Challenges containing additional rules. In the end, we're all headed for a gruesome end, so go looking for trouble, and that too, in style, with Munchkin!
Release date
Mar 09, 2023

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