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MU: Archangel

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MU: Archangel - MMORPG with 4D graphics, job classes including female characters, and a point exchange system for rare items. Play with up to 10,000 players online!

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If you're looking for a popular fantasy MMORPG that you can play on your mobile phone, then MU: Arkangel is the game for you. You can level up easily just by leaving it on during work hours and collecting experience afterwards. The entire equipment drop system means that the more you play, the stronger you get. Daily logins give you access to limitless exchanges of luxurious rewards at the shop. Join the guild and participate in events with your comrades for an amazing experience! The game's screen designs are superbly refined and the state-of-the-art engine provides unprecedented 4D graphics for an immersive gaming experience. The visually stunning CG graphics will leave you satisfied. The game's sheer size goes beyond the image quality limits of mobile games. Play MU: Arkangel according to your tastes and ideas with a variety of job classes to choose from. The three classic jobs of the knight, wizard, and elf are present, and the female characters that were newly added offer a unique gaming experience. Find your own fashion by combining more than 10,000 different outfit combinations and stacking set-up statuses. There are no restrictions on the number of players. With over 10,000 players simultaneously connected to all servers beyond area limits, you can run through a battlefield with them. The updated guild system, in which you can increase your efficiency and experience by taking down monsters with your guild members, is more important to MU: Arkangel than ever before. You can earn points even while offline or by hunting monsters, and you can exchange them for sparkling wings, ultra-powerful skills, or rare items. You can do anything with these points because there are countless items waiting for you.
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