Mr Bullet 3D

Game overview

Become a legendary spy in MR Bullet 3D. Save the world from notorious villains, solve puzzles, and engage in PVP multiplayer. Every bullet counts!

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Enter the world of Mr Bullet 3D - where the stakes are higher, the graphics are better, and the gameplay is more thrilling than ever before! Do you have what it takes to become a super-agent and a legend in the fight against crime? This strategic game blends puzzles and fights, with you embarking on a mission as a spy hunting down brutal criminals and assassins to save innocent hostages and restore justice. Solve mind-bending puzzles by shooting down your enemies, with every bullet counting towards saving the world.

As Mr Bullet, you must complete each secret mission by stopping bad guys who seek to take over the world. The game is filled with zombies, assassins, vampires, ninjas, and other dangerous enemies, and only you have the skills to stop them. Unlock heroic missions as you progress in the game, employing new tactics and strategies as you focus on saving the world, one level at a time.

This game is not just a simple shooter - it requires strategic thinking and quick reflexes to solve intricate puzzles and reach your target. Use your brainpower, speed, and accuracy to shoot and solve puzzles, making some objects fall, explode, and triggering chain reactions to take down your enemies.

Enter the world of advanced PVP multiplayer scenarios, where you must control your Mr Bullet and fight against different spies. As you progress through the stages and take down bad guys to save innocent hostages, you unlock new levels and stories with epic enemies such as stone-age man, vampires, zombies, pirates, and others.

Stay updated on the latest from MR Bullet 3D with continuous updates and advancements, including new skins, levels, and weapons each month. Want to leave feedback, get help on beating a level, or share an awesome idea for the game? Visit the Lion Studios website and connect with our team today.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to feel like a true super-agent in Mr Bullet 3D, where action, strategy, and puzzles combine to create a unique and exhilarating gaming experience. Become the ultimate superhero and clear the world of notorious villains while putting your accuracy, speed, and patience to the test.
Lion Studios
Release date
Mar 10, 2022
Single player


or74842895from Skich app
So fun thank you for making this game on your app...
Batatafrom Skich app
It was cool but i finished the game...
tin914from Skich app
All levels after some time are based on the same thing and it get's boring after some time....
Arctilliusfrom Skich app
good strategy game but could add more levels...
Ahmodamanfrom Skich app
Great puzzle game

Gameplay & Streams

Mr Bullet 3D - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Tutorial Chapter 1 Levels 1-66 (iOS,Android)Pryszard Android iOS Gameplays
ź¶Œģ“ ķ•˜ė‚˜ė”œ ģˆ˜ģ‹­ėŖ… ķ•™ģ‚“ķ•˜źø° (Mr.Bullet ģ‹¤ģ‚¬ķŒ) ll ķ‹°ė°”ģ“ėŸ¬ģŠ¤T-VIRUS Films (ķ‹°ė°”ģ“ėŸ¬ģŠ¤)
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