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Moxie 2 is a fun and challenging word game with over 500,000 downloads. Create unique words and transform them in five game variations to score points.

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Moxie 2 is an enjoyable game of word transformation that can be easily learned but is not simple to master.

Moxie 2 is a word game that brings new excitement, and its refreshing gameplay will captivate you, ensuring that you keep coming back. The game has been downloaded over 500,000 times and has been played over 20,000,000 times.

The rules for playing Moxie 2 are straightforward. You start the game with 64 letters, which you need to organize Solitaire-style. You can either lay each letter on the board or hit "Pass." Once you have selected the Pass option, you can't return to the last letter you were working on.

You can score points in three ways:
1) By creating new and unique words using the letters
2) By changing the words you’ve already made by adding and replacing letters, for example, "TIN" becomes "TINE," then "TILE," then "TILED," and so on.
3) By spelling special "Moxie words" for bonus points.

It is essential not to break the flow of your words once you begin constructing them and transforming them into other words, as this can lead to losing points.

Moxie 2 has no time limit, and while it's beneficial to have a broad vocabulary, it rewards those who enjoy thinking strategically.

The Moxie 2 features include five game modes, support for Retina displays with HD graphics, the ability to pick up where you left off, access to a global leaderboard, a quick tutorial video that doesn't require an internet connection, an ergonomic design, relaxing gameplay, and a wholesome vibe.

New features in Moxie 2 include a Daily Challenge mode, which presents a new puzzle every day, six-letter words to create, undoing mistakes, 64 turns per game, 500 points for six-letter Moxie Words, Moxieless mode, a screen displaying how many of each letter remain, and a color picker.
Release date
Jun 02, 2010


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