Moth Lake

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Moth Lake is a 2.5D pixel art game with unconventional puzzles, 6 different endings, and character choices that affect their relationships, all with a horror theme.

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Moth Lake is a game that unravels the mystery of a small town hiding a terrible secret behind its facade. Only a group of teenagers with an unsteady life can reveal what's been kept hidden for generations. The game intensifies from the eve of a solar eclipse, taking you through the shadows and the souls of the protagonists.

The game's art style is 2.5D pixel art that supports touch, mouse, keyboard, and controllers. It has simple controls, unconventional puzzles, and stealth-action, with choices that can alter the characters' dynamics and the experience's soul. The game has thrills, suspense, horror, bad humor, strong language, and even emotional scenes that might move you to tears.

Moth Lake is heavily driven by the story, with over 20k words of textual content and over 300 different scenes. The script takes you on a long journey through mystery, horror, and the characters' hearts, filled with sad topics and nonsensical jokes.

The artwork is modern, with a broad color palette and a lot of frame-to-frame animations, including talking, walking, running, crouching, climbing, pushing, punching, throwing, and much more. The scenarios have some modern lighting and shading work, with particle effects, to simulate a 3D environment.

There are six main characters and over 50 NPCs, each with their own personality and look, with their eyes moving, and expressions changing. As the story progresses, taking choices affects not only the characters but the plot as well. The characters' moods and personalities are expressed through their animation and dialogues. There are hidden scenes which can be unlocked by the general mood of the characters.

Most puzzles require players to use their skills and personality to solve them, sometimes requiring the whole squad's cooperation. The game intends to give psychological horror vibes, so some scenes might be disturbing, anxiety-inducing, and even sad.

The characters are called to face and overcome their difficult past and present. From hiding to taking tough choices, even fighting for their lives, every decision counts towards one of the six different endings. If you fail, don't worry, try again, and explore new ways to uncover the town's dark secret.
Sui Arts
Release date
Nov 29, 2022


thunder48from Skich app
it was really fun
Dobanekfrom Skich app
One of my favourite games...
Skich_User_11527from Skich app

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