Mori no Fantasy: Sekaiju no Densetsu

Mori no Fantasy: Sekaiju no Densetsu

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Morino Fantasy: Legendary World Tree. Next-gen graphics, explore mysterious world tree and ruins. Evolve and adventure with 100+ Starmons, switch play mode.

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The legend begins with "The World Tree", leading to the path of destruction, the prophecy book, and the remains of the elemental power. Embark on a journey to venture into the primeval forest as it unfolds before you.

Introducing "Morino Fantasy: The World Tree Legend", a new and exciting MMORPG featuring a vertical and horizontal screen transition feature. The game takes place in a world shrouded in mystery which includes uncharted forest depths, the enigmatic "World Tree", energy-rich ruins of Star Mon and the oracle book that predicts doom. Join the brave young adventurer on a solo quest to uncover hidden truths within this realm.

Featuring state-of-the-art graphics incorporating next-gen technology, the visuals are as realistic as possible, from light reflections to shadow settings. The system allows you to change the weather seamlessly, making the experience of searching for secrets even more thrilling.

Enhance and evolve over a hundred Star Mons to become the king of the World Tree, using the hunter's power to take advantage of the light that passes through the trees.

Five primary job classes are available at the start including warriors, archers, priests, ninja, and artillerymen. You are free to choose a class that suits your gaming style. Additionally, the entire cast has carefully put their souls into each character making it into a star-studded lineup: Yūsuke Kobayashi (Warrior), Azumi Waki (Archer), Ayana Taketatsu (Artilleryman), Sora Amamiya (Priestess), Jun Fukuyama (Ninja) and others. Don't miss out on this dream collaboration in the mysterious world.

Switch easily between relaxed vertical screen mode and immersive horizontal screen mode, altering the screen mode to match your preferred gameplay style.
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