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Explore new volcanic map, tackle 40-player survival mode, customize feline, join martial arts battles, and more in epic MMORPG, Tianya Mingyue Dao M.

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Behold the epic masterpiece of the year, "Meow Planet Invasion"! The volcanic map brings an astonishing revelation of mysterious fallen puzzles that mutate like ground flames, announcing the impending challenge of the unknown! The hazy meteorites and chaotic ground flames create a breathtaking terrain that unleashes fiery passion like a storm. Who can survive the rich secret treasures within?

【New Mainline - Blood Heir】
Introducing the all-new story chapter "Blood Heir," where missions intertwine with adventures and worldly desires. Experience an unparalleled exploration-based gameplay and earn exclusive fashion rewards by completing quests.

【All-New Large-Scale Survival Battlefield】
The new 40-player volcanic battlefield, "Meteor Battle," presents the challenge of surviving meteorite storms and harsh environments while fending off dangerous attacks from the shadows. Do you have the confidence to make it out alive?

【All-New Meow Cat Home Play】
With countless faces in the Jianghu, cats will naturally stand out. The new "Pinch-Cat" system provides a healing and adorable experience with over a hundred freely adjustable parameters to create your exclusive little cutie!

【All-New Identity Gameplay - Ground Flame】
The first-ever identity gameplay mode that combines the battlefield mode. Will you bravely march on, even when faced with ground flame crystals and prehistoric behemoths?

【All-New Challenge Storyline - Master of the Cloud and Dian Sect】
Engage in a battle with legendary Jianghu figures "Little Li Flying Dagger - Ye Kai" and "Invincible Sword God - Fu Hongxue," and write a new chapter in your own legendary story!

▣ Game Introduction ▣
"Moonlight Blade M" embodies the epitome of MMORPG mobile gaming, featuring picturesque scenes, impeccable facial customization, and the interweaving of each sect's martial arts moves for seamless combo battles. The vast open world allows you to explore every nook and cranny, with diverse plot branches and endings for you to decide how the story unfolds. Battle, cook, fish, build, or simply enjoy a leisurely stroll – your choices are limitless. "My Moonlight," encompasses more than just martial arts!

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【Nine Martial Arts Sects - Vying for Dominance】
Assassins and deadly poisons lurk everywhere! All the major sects have officially joined, so choose the career you love, and master each martial art skill to dominate the Jianghu!

【Classic Novels – Adapted Plot】
Heavenly Jade Palace and Five Cities of the 12th Floor – the classic works of Gu Long are incorporated and portrayed in intricate plot twists, with an open mission system offering multiple branches and endings. Enjoy the ultimate immersive experience!

【Open World - Stunning Graphics】
The beautiful scenes of boundless seas and sky, picturesque landscapes, and real-time changes in lighting and shadows provide an expansive world where you can hunt, fish, cook, play with cats, and more!

【Facial Customization and Meticulous Make-ups】
Over 600 parameters are available for you to fine-tune your face, hair, body, and makeup. Create unique characters so you never bump into your doppelgänger!

【Martial Arts Royale - Battle Like a Warrior】
Challenge 1v1, and take part in various tournaments! Do you want to be the strongest under heaven? Use your skills and tactics to claim the title of the top martial artist!

【Epic Dungeons - Challenge Awaits】
Legendary heroes appear in large-scale epic dungeons. Are you ready to face the strongest in the martial arts world? Completing these dungeons unlocks numerous rewards for you to claim!

【Vibrant Social Life - Excitement Everywhere】
Join a gang guild, become sworn brothers, or socialize with intimate friends! You can even form relationships with NPCs and win their hearts!

【Exclusive Mansions - Free Construction】
The vast expanse of land awaits you to personally develop. You can set up every flower, plant, and building by yourself. In this world, everyone owns their own Moonlight!

【Powerful Companions – Legendary Warriors】
Brand new godlike warrior companions come to your aid! Collect legendary figures from the Jianghu world including Little Li Flying Dagger "Ye Kai" and Invincible Sword God "Fu Hongxue"!

This game content involves game character traits that emphasize specific features, virtual love or marriage plots, and violent fighting plots. This game is free to play, however, some internal content or services require additional payment. Please be aware of your game time to avoid addiction and potential harm to your physical and mental health.
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