Monster Hunter Stories: Tabidachi no Shou

Monster Hunter Stories: Tabidachi no Shou

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Game overview

Ride on and adventure with various monsters. Collect eggs from dungeons and fields to make them your companions.

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Before using, please check the【Important Notes for This App】at the bottom of the page.

This is a completely free app!
There are no additional charges after downloading it.
It is also possible to transfer saved data from the paid version of "Monster Hunter Stories" to continue playing this app.

◆The world of Monster Hunter Stories
It is the world of "Monster Hunter" where hunting massive monsters is a livelihood. There are people living in villages who do not have any connection with such a hunter society.

People who have formed bonds. "Monster Riders"

Unlike the hunters, they grow and coexist with monsters. They can form a bond with the monster through the secret "bond stone."

Once you have bonded with the monster "Otomon," you can awaken its hidden abilities. You can ride on "Otomon" and move freely. Join forces with various "Otomon" and set out on an adventure together!

The story begins in the Rider's village. Three childhood friends, the protagonist, Lilia, and Cheval, find an egg that shines beautifully in the forest.

Despite the fact that it only was meant to be a pretend "Bonding Ceremony" for the Riders, a monster hatches out of the egg.

- Sky King, Flame Wyvern Rathalos -
The three name it "Reus." The villagers are surprised because it hatched into an Otomon without having a bond stone.

Then, suddenly, a disaster called "Black Blight" strikes. It leaves a big scar not only on the village but also on Cheval's and Lilia's hearts.

One year after the disaster...

The protagonist becomes a Rider by receiving a bond stone from the village chief. In order to achieve their own goals, Cheval leaves the village and Lilia decides to follow a different path from the Riders and sets off on her own adventure. Together with Navile, who became their partner by coincidence, the protagonist overcomes trials and grows up as a Rider, determined to leave the village and go out into the world. Experience the Monster Hunter story based on the bond!

◆Game features:
●Make lots of Otomons your allies!
Otomons are monsters that you have formed a bond with to travel on your adventure. Bring back eggs from the monster nests scattered across vast fields and dungeons to establish a bond!
Find many Otomons and make them your allies, then train them to advance on your adventure! The special abilities of Otomons can help you advance to new fields!

●Smartphone features
・We have optimized beautiful graphics and user interfaces by upgrading to high resolution quality!
・We have added an auto-save function! We have prepared a comfortable play environment that is unique to smartphones!

【Important Notes for This App】
◆Supported devices
Please check the following URL for supported operating systems.
※You may be able to purchase and use this app on non-supported operating systems/non-supported devices, but there is a possibility that it will not operate correctly. Please note that we cannot guarantee its operation or provide refunds for use with non-supported operating systems/non-supported devices.

◆Notes on online play
Due to changes in the specifications of Google Play Games, the online play service ended on March 31, 2020.
All titles you earned through online matches are now available from ver1.0.8.

◆Other notes
※To use this app, you must agree to the "Monster Hunter Stories ~The Start of a New Adventure~ Terms of Service" below the first time you start the app.
※The scenario is the same as that of the home video game machine version, and you can play up to the beginning of the game scenario.
※"Collaboration contents (some excluded)," "Linkage with Amiibo," "Local communication play," and "Elements using communication" found in the home console game version are not included in this app. Please note this in advance.
※If you delete this app from your device, the saved data in this app will also be deleted. Please note this.
※The app can only be downloaded through a WiFi environment. Please note this.
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