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Join the adventure as a Rider and explore vast environments to recruit and hatch countless Monsties in the world of Monster Hunter Stories!

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Before you purchase or use this app, make sure to read the important notes. There will be no returns or credit granted after purchase, so it's important to be aware of this before you dive into the game. One important feature of this game is the ability to recruit numerous Monsties, which are the backbone of your adventure. Your goal is to explore vast environments and dungeons to find monster dens and bring back the eggs you find to hatch new Monsties. The smartphone version of this game comes with several new features, such as beautiful high-resolution graphics, improved user interface, and a new auto-save feature.

The story begins in a forest near the village of Riders, where the three young friends of the hero, Lilia, and Cheval stumble upon a shiny egg. To their surprise, a playful imitation of the Rite of Kinship actually succeeds in hatching the egg which reveals a baby Rathalos. This wyvern is also known as the "King of the Skies," and the trio affectionately names him "Ratha," taking him back to the village. However, days later, the village is beset upon by a monster infected with "the Black Blight." The trio manages to drive it away, but not before it claims the lives of many villagers and devastates the town.

One year later, the hero receives a Kinship Stone from the Village Chief and officially becomes a Rider. Cheval and Lilia leave the village, each on their own path, leaving the hero to partner up with the cheerful Navirou on a new adventure into the world of hunters. You'll be transported into a tale of friendship and triumph as you ride through the world of Monster Hunter Stories.

It's important to note that for information about compatible devices and the free space required to download the latest version, players should refer to a link provided by the game. Additionally, a change in Google Play Games has resulted in the Network Battle function being no longer available since March 31, 2020. However, after updating to Ver.1.0.2, you'll be able to access all of the Titles obtained from Battle Ranks. Furthermore, there is a reward in the game that players can get only through Network Battle, and the creators have created a method so that players will still be able to claim it.

Overall, this game does come with some additional notes that players should be advised on, including the fact that certain handheld console features, amiibo features, local Network Battles, and StreetPass are not available in this version. It's also important to be aware that deleting the app will erase any saved data, so players should save their progress before deleting and ensure they are connected to Wi-Fi for downloading.
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Sep 25, 2018
Single player


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